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Mcsecure is the right choice to protect your devices against mobile threats. Your device can be protected from viruses, Trojan horse programs, computer worms, spyware and malware.


Use mcsecure antivirus to protect your phone against potential threats. Mcsecure ensures all downloaded files are scanned and offers an aility to screen the SD card as well.
Phone filtering (blocking calls and messages)
Allows you to filter unwanted SMS / MMS and block them blocking, it also offers an option to protect your phone from malware. There is also additional functionality that allows parental control for outgoing calls.
Permission viewer
The application allows you to view access rights and provides important information about the access and permissions that you have given to applications on your phone, enabling you to better understand any installed applications.
Task Manager
The task manager feature allows you to terminate active applications, thus reducing memory demands, speeding up the phone and helping to extend battery life.

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