Welcome to McSecure! 

McSecure AntiVirus® is a modern security and anti-virus solution for your device.
It provides protection against viruses, dialers, trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other malware as well as phone call and message protection.

The service is available for Android users only.
The subscription serivce costs RM25.00 per week (RM5.00 per SMS, 5SMS per week). 
For Maxis users, service costs RM30.00 per month and you will receive 6 SMS per month (RM5.00 per SMS. First 2 weeks 2 SMS each week. Week 3 and 4 Maxis users will receive 1 SMS per week with a maximum of RM30.00 per month). 

Should you require further assistance, please call 03-21643273
You can also contact us via email at support@macrokiosk.com
Please don't forget to mention you mobile number in your email should you wish to unsubscribe from our service.
For ways to cancel the service, please visit our FAQs section.